Czech Regional Recipes

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Many people, including non-Czechs, have fond memories of enjoying traditional Czech cuisine. The Czech immigrants brought with them the local recipes that they enjoyed in the villages and cities from which they came.

Let’s take a look at what makes up this wonderful Czech cuisine as we explore delicious and tasty recipes from the different regions of the Czech Republic.

As you will see, the Czech Republic is divided into thirteen regions (kraje). Regional differences impacted the development of Czech cuisine. Recipes varied depending upon whether ingredients were available (locally-sourced or brought via trade), climate and geography, and cooking traditions.

One definition of regional Czech cuisine is: “a tradition of food preparations that arose from the daily lives and kitchens of the people across a specific region of the Czech lands. This is notably distinct from the cuisine of the Czech nation as a whole.”

Regional food preparation traditions, customs, and ingredients often combined to create dishes that were unique to a particular area. Regional cuisines were often named after the geographic areas or regions from which they originated. Every Czech region has something special, like Olomouc curd cheese, Krkonose sour soup, Pardubice gingerbread, Chodsko kolaches, Karlovy Vary dumplings, and Brno schnitzel.

There are also many types of local sauerkraut, dumplings, kolaches, bread, and goulash.

We cannot talk about Bohemian, Moravian, and Silesian regional food without mentioning Czech beer.  It is world-famous beverage and enjoyed across the entire Czech Republic. Czech beer is more popular in Bohemia and Silesia, while in Moravia wine might be the favorite drink to accompany a meal. Also very popular in Moravia and Silesia is a plum brandy called “Slivowitz.”

In conclusion, there are many dishes that are typical parts of Czech cuisine. They are prepared and served throughout the Czech Republic as a whole, and dishes that are unique to particular regions. For examples of traditional Czech cuisine visit our list of Czech Nationwide Recipes or click here.

Czech Regional Recipes

Czech Regional Recipes

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