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Find out more about how a name is distributed in The Czech Republic. The results will be displayed on a Czech Republic map and will show the name distribution throughout the country. You can also search for a city, display it on the map, and show popular names in that city. If you need more info on how to use the features on this page, click here to watch our video tutorial.

Distribution Map & Details

Start entering a last name or a city you want to find the distribution for and select one from the autocomplete list or select one of the regions. Only one type of search can be displayed at a time, the displayed being highlighted in blue.

All searches ignore diacritics (so for example searching for Novak will show Novák as a result too) and city search supports German names of cities (eg. entering Pilsen will show Plzeň in the results).


After selecting a city / name from the autocomplete a list with details will appear bellow.

For names, the list shows number of people with given name in each region. After clicking on the region, it also displays number of people in some of the larger cities located in that region. You can click on the printer icon next to the name to print the distribution info.

For cities, details will show the region that city belongs to, its German name, links to more information here on CATV website and wikipedia and 5 most popular first and last names in that city. For regions, details will show links to more information here on CATV website and wikipedia and bigger cities in that region and links to their details.


For first and last names, you can choose between a region map and a city map – the region map shows a heat map of selected for each region, the city map shows every city with given name on an interactive map. For cities only the city map is available, showing a marker with the selected city. For Regions only the region map is available, showing the selected region’s borders.


The data used is from Czech Republic’s Ministry of the Interior and may not be up to date and completely accurate. Please also note that only larger cities are supported – if you are looking for a translation of a Czech city name to / from historical German names, try our German City / Village Name Translation.





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