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Here you can find all your basic web troubleshooting needs.

  1. Supported desktop browsers: Latest or most widely used version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera
  2. Mobile devices running latest Apple iOS, Android OS
  3. Internet speed: Broadband Required for Video (Minimum bandwidth speed of 1,5 Mbps)

Many video episodes are only 6 months in our archives.

Many of our weekly programs have some lag time between broadcast and streaming availability. If the episode is not available, please check back later.

Check your internet connection. For a reliable viewing experience at medium quality we recommend a downstream connection speed of at least 1,5 Mbps. For higher quality we recommend a speed of at least 2 Mbps. If the video playback is stuttering or choppy we suggest to visit this website for your connection speed test. If your download speed is not enough then contact your Internet provider for more information.

When you are experiencing an issue with our site we first recommend that you try clearing your history, cookies, and cache. It’s a quick fix for many issues. Here’s how:

Chrome: click here

Firefox: click here

Internet Explorer: click here

Safari: click here

Connecting your Desktop, Notebook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your TV is simple. If both your laptop and TV have HDMI ports, then this is the most convenient solution that produces the best quality. On most notebooks, the key combination Fn+F4 or Fn+F5 will switch video output to TV screen via HDMI. Also, many newer smartphones and tablets can use a Micro HDMI (Type D) cable to hook up to an HDMI ready TV. Simply plug the end of the cable into your laptop or device and the other end into your TV. Or you can connect your computer or portable device using wireless Google – Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player etc.

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