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Get our Poster/Flyer, let others know about Czech-American TV

Czech-American TV’s Posters/Flyers are available to download as a PDF or as a JPEG format and are in four versions. Select that is right for you. Download CATV Poster/Flyer. After you download, print the Posters/Flyers and post them in your libraries, community centers, clubs. You may also let them publish in your local newspaper or club bulletin or you may send them in mail to your friends all over the world. Please post them only in authorized places.


Poster/Flyer – Universal Versions

(these universal posters are for everyone across U.S. and worldwide)

All versions specified for whole USA and worldwide in ZIP file download ZIP



Poster/Flyer – Versions for Chicago Area Only

(these posters are specified only for Chicago area residents)

All versions specified for Chicago area only in ZIP file download ZIP

Instructions for downloading PDF format: Once the poster file opens in your web browser, simply make sure there’s plenty of paper in your printer, and click on the little printer icon in the bar just above the display area.

Instructions for downloading in ZIP format: To access these files, you will need to download zip file to your computer and then extract it. After you extract the file you will be able to launch it from your computer and as well as print. You may also save this zip files to your portable USB flash memory stick or writing to a CD disc and you may then take the zip.file to your nearest Kinkos, Office Depot or Office Max and may let them print these posters/flyers in high quality and reasonable size. These files in ZIP format may also be used for publishing posters/flyers in your local newspaper or club bulletin.

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