About Czech-American TV

About our Organization

Czech-American TV broadcasts online for anyone who wants to learn more about Czech Regions and Heritage.


Our Mission

To support cultural heritage and educational programs via Television and Internet.


Our Organization Overview

Czech-American TV, with over 18 years of regular broadcasting, is the first and only program of its kind in the United States, targeting not only the Czech-American community, but also anyone interested in the Czech regions, history, traditions, fashion, cuisine, music, natural and architectural beauties, trade, and products of the Czech Republic.

Czech-American TV is a non-profit charitable organization under Section 501 (c)(3) that broadcasts education programs for anyone who wants to learn more about Czech Heritage.

Czech-American TV broadcasts online across the USA and the worldwide via Internet on the website https://www.catvusa.com and is updated weekly.

The program aired on cable TV is known as Czech-American TV Show produced by John Honner and is broadcast in 60 U.S. cities.

Key programs include Discover Czech Regions, Czech Landmarks, Czech Destinations, Czech Cooking, Czech Traditions, Explore Czech Lands, Czech Class, Famous Czechs and others.   All programs are in English only.

Czech-American TV Show  was founded by John Honner.


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Our Logo

Czech-American TV is excited to share our new logo and new look! In 2015 we made  the transition from our old look to the new look on our website and any materials. Please don’t be concerned if you see some materials with the old logo used between 2003-2015.


Our Audio Jingles

Czech-American TV’s original audio jingles are based on a mix of two melodies of two famous Czech Classical Composers – Bedrich Smetana’s The Moldau and Antonin Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

Jingle – Long version      Jingle – Sort version



Our projects


Our Mascot

Czech John (Cesky Honza)

Honza is a very common Czech given name. It comes from the German Johann(es) → Hans → Honza. Czech diminutives include Honzik or Honzicek.

Honza is often familiarly used in the Czech language interchangeably with Jan. Actually, Jan is not called Jan by family or friends – usually Honza or Jenda is used. The formal given name on a birth certificate is Jan. In English, Jan becomes John. For instance, in the Bible, Saint Jan becomes Saint John when translated from Czech to English. This also happens for many Czechs who move to the US because in American English, Jan is mostly a female name, and in the Czech Republic it is only a male name.

Honza is often a Czech fairy tale hero. In a few rare cases, he may be translated into English as Jack.

Most fairy tales of Honza begin in a village where Honza’s parents are farmers. The villagers think Honza is lazy and inexperienced, sometimes even nicknamed Hloupy Honza (Dummy Honza). He is always lying in a warm place, close to the pec (a type of wood burning oven used to heat homes) and eating his favorite foods, such as Czech pastries or Czech liver sausage called Jitrnice.

So his parents send him on a voyage to see the world, usually with a bag full of sweet buns or kolaches or sausages that his mother has prepared for him.

The odds are against Honza as he encounters many challenges that he must face during his trip. He overcomes each one and is able to return home successful, married to a princess, and famous throughout the fairy tale world.

Like the Czech people, Honza has risen up, unexpectedly triumphant. Struggling, but ultimately proving himself. Modern versions of the fairy tale reflect his true abilities and intelligence. He remains a symbol of the Czech people today.


Czech John – Cesky Honza – Czech-American TV Mascot

Czech-American_TV Mascot and Logo


Our Mascot – Honza – Promo Video Samples


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