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Karlovy Vary Museum

The Karlovy Vary Museum was before the Anton Pitroff Museum, which was founded in 1867. The museum became the direct predecessor of today’s Karlovy Vary Museum, Pitroff’s collection is the basis of all subsequent museum presentations of the city to the present day. A large part of his collections is now in the collection of the Karlovy Vary Museum.


The multimedia form of the permanent exhibition brings the history of the city closer in six halls on the first floor. The journey begins at Vridlo, a unique natural phenomenon, and continues through the establishment of the SPA and the development of SPA treatment to the changes in the architecture of Karlovy Vary, the social and cultural life of the spa town and the history of the international film festival.

The second floor presents the nature and history of the region from the earliest history. Through the famous period of ore mining and no less important tradition of pewter and glass and porcelain production. The end of the exhibition is dedicated to the dramatic 20th century. The exhibits are complemented by many multimedia elements. If you are not interested in additional projections, recordings, presentations on touch screens or quizzes, you can try out the various exhibits with your own hands. It is also possible to enjoy a light concept of history in Dalibor Nesnidal’s paintings.

The museum takes care of collections of applied art. Exhibition may offer you tin, glass, porcelain, furniture; ethnographic collections, furniture, textiles, tools and instruments; collections of arts and crafts and works of Karlovy Vary. There are also collections of regional graphics, sculptures, paintings, old prints; archaeological and scientific collections.

The Karlovy Vary Museum documents the traditional production of glass and porcelain, also as the Jachymov medal making and minting, regional ethnography and pewter. The Karlovy Vary Museum also conducts archaeological and scientific research and is an information center for the documentation of Karlovy Vary spas and architectural monuments.

For more information about the Karlovy Vary Region, from which this museum comes, click here and here.

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