Palace Gardens Below Prague Castle

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Palace Gardens Below Prague Castle

The Palace Gardens Below Prague Castle is a complex of 4 terraced gardens which are located in Prague city in quarter Mala Strana (south hillside of Hradcany hill). Since 1992 they belong to World Heritage Site and they are administered by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. All of them have distinctive character, each garden has different historical design. The main gardens which are part of palaces are: Ledebourska, Palffyovska, Kolowratska and Furstenberska.

Ledebourska garden

It is situated in the area of Ledeboursky palace which belongs to early baroque. It is named after an earl Adolf from Ledebour. The palace was established in 1601, the garden was designed just a bit later in 1665. In one of the terraces is Sala terrena which is ground floor hall, also called garden hall. In the middle of court(yard) is a statue of Heracles fighting with Kerber The space is open, classically an arcade with three arches, to the garden, which is on the same level or accessible by several steps of stairs. The hall was used for relaxation, snacks, concerts, etc. The gardens are used for rentals at wedding ceremonies and various commercial and cultural events. The garden fell into disrepair so in 1990 they decided to rebuild it. Reopening for public together with other garden was in 1995.

Pallfyovska garden

This garden is connected from the north with Palffyovsky palace. It is devised in baroque style. Eduard Palffy from Erdöd is a patron of this monument. The area is divided into 2 parts: Small garden and Big. Small garden consists an orchard with many fruit trees. In the upper part there is a niche with statue of a naked woman. The Big garden has more decorative style. They are full of stairs, lawns, sculptural decorations, trees, shrubs and herbs. In the center of the first floor is a fountain with Triton, who was a Greek god. Not far form her there is a portal with sundial and decorate Latin sign Claret in orbe dies, ac taetras, hora pete umbras, which means bright be the day of the world and disgust scare the shadows. The area has in total 6 floors.

For more information about the City of Prague, from which this garden comes, click here and here. 

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