Opocno Chateau

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Opocno Chateau

Opocno Chateau

Opocno chateau is located in Rychnov nad Kneznou district in Hradec Kralove region. It’s renaissance building. It’s owned by Czech Republic and is open to the public. This chateau is well known for extensive collection of historical weapons and armour belonging to the most important in the Czechia. You can also see a lot of painting. Due to its historical and artistic value, the Opocno chateau has been included in the list of National Cultural Monuments since 1995.

In 1068 appeared first written mention about fortified settlement. Probably in 1361 a stone gothic castle was built on the site of fortified settlement. In 1527 a reconstruction took place. Gradually, the castle was transformed into a chateau. The Opocno estate was bought by the knightly family of the Trcky of Lipa. The renaissance Chateau has changed many important owners in its history, because after knightly family of the Trcky of Lipa took over power the Colloreds. The Colloreds bought manor from the emperor for 51, 456 Rhine gold.

Opocno chateau offers sightseeing tours. You can choose from seven circuits e.g.

Circuit 1 – COMBINED CIRCUIT : interiors + armoury (tour of the whole chateau) – In this part of exhibition you will see: historic interiors (men’s room, guest rooms). library, armoury (haunting hall, knight hall).

You can also choose a night tour or Opocno chateau offers exlusive tour on request. It’s most often required. It’s possible to buy tickets online.

In this area you can walk along the Zamecka street. It’s pedestrian zone paved with granite cubes. You will walk around a historic buildings, gardens, restaurants and you can peek into the park, which you can go from this street. Around 1820 was established a romantic park in the valley of Zlaty potok. At the top there is a summer house and a palm greenhouse. At the bottom of the park is a wooden gazebo. Through the park flows a river called Zlaty potok. In several places in the park there are viewpoints with views of the chateau panorama.

At the chateau or in the chateau park were filming some movies or fairytales e.g. F. L. Vek or Babicka.

For more information about the Hradec Kralove region, from which this chateau comes, click here and here. 

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