Krivoklat Castle

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Krivoklat Castle

Krivoklat Castle

Krivoklat Castle, situated west of Prague in one of the most important castles of Czech princes and kings.


The castles roots date back to the 12th century and the reign of Premysl Otakar II. A magnificent castle that was home to Karl the 4th during his childhood years as a prisoner of his father. His first wife, Blanka gave birth to his daughter Magdalena there. Later, during the Hussite wars, the castle housed the Czech crown jewels. The castle was later rebuilt by Vaclav the 4th and finished by Vladislaus Jagiellon.

It was also damaged by extensive fires multiple times throughout its history. The castle was used as a greatly feared prison and its importance slowly degraded. The castle was restored during the romanticism period of the 19th century by the House of Fürstenberg, its last owners. Krivoklat Castle was sold to the Czechoslovakian republic in 1929 by Max Egon II.

The sights of Krivoklat Castle include a beautiful castle chapel, Kings and Knights hall with an exposition of gothic art, a library that holds 52 thousand books, a Fürstenberg museum and art gallery and infamous prison and torture chambers. In modern times, Krivoklat Castle hosts many activities that are not limited only to reminding us of the past. Such activities include magical night tours, concerts and theater festivals.

Regularly there are Easter festivities or summer festivals taking place at Krivoklat Castle. The castle does an amazing job of connecting the past and the present. The tour takes you on a glorious journey through time from the middle ages all the way to the 20th century.

Along with the previously mentioned activities, the castle also serves as a destination for many filmmakers. Czech Movies like A Night at Karlstein (Noc na Karlstejne; 1973), The Three veterans (Tri veterani; 1983) or Bathory (2006) were shot there. But not only Czech movies were shot there, movies like Joan of Arc (Johanka z Arku; 1999), The Brothers Grimm (Kletba bratri Grimmu; 2005) or Wanted (2008) also include shots from this magnificent castle.

The castle courtyard houses a restaurant, a coffee shop and a few other shops. There is also a coin maker shop, where visitors can take part in stamping coins with either Krivoklat castle or Karl the 4th.

For more information about the Central Bohemia Region, from which this castle comes, click here and here.

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