Buchlovice Chateau

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Buchlovice Chateau

Buchlovice Chateau

Buchlovice chateau is one of the most famous baroque aristocratic settlements in the Czech Republic. The baroque garden and the extensive English park are also the most important. The park and garden area is one of the most well-heeded in Bohemia in Moravia. The rarity of the historic garden means the preserved elements of the Italian Baroque garden. The garden and park are among the most beautiful historical gardens in the Czech Republic. When the weather is bad like heavy rain, snow, or ice on the sidewalk, the park is closed to the public. If you want to visit the area, you must buy a ticket.

Another interesting thing is the rescue station for animals that live freely around Buchlovice. This rescue station belongs to Buchlovice chateau. The station was made for healthy animals and for injured animals, they prefer birds. The goal is to heal the birds and let them back into nature. In the station was made exposition animals, mainly birds. This exposition serves as an education for all schools. There are injured animals and every visitor will find out their frequent injuries. The station is open to the public from June to September, again for a visit we need to buy a ticket.

A little bit about history

The rich Count Jan Detrich Petrvaldsky started the construction of this chateau in 1700. The count wanted to give this chateau to his wife Anezka Eleonora from Italian. Maybe it was the reason why one of Vienna’s architects ordered Italian-oriented plans. The result of the architect’s work is the best example of an Italian Baroque villa in Central Europe. Also from the beginning, a beautiful baroque garden was built around the chateau.

Around 1900, during the reign of Count Leopold Berchtold, the importance of Buchlovice Chateau increased significantly. He was an elegant owner and worked in the Austro-Hungarian service as a diplomat at the embassies in London, Paris and St. Petersburg.

In 1908, Count Leopold Berchtold organized a meeting of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Ministers of Horticultural Affairs at Buchlovice Castle. This meeting led to the political division of spheres of inluence in the Balkans and the subsequent annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Austrian army.

In 1912, Count Leopold Berchtold was appointed the penultimate Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Buchlovice chateau was then created into a representative seat, within the walls of which the leading political times of the time decided the fate of Europe. It is from this period that you produce the current form of the chateau and luxuriously furnished interiors.

For more information about the Zlin Region from which this chateau comes, click here and here.

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