Bitov Castle

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Bitov Castle

Bitov castle is not only a stunning neo-gothic castle from the 11th century but also an opportunity for a wonderful trip with the ones close to you. And if you are interested in the castle and its history you may appreciate the variety between many tour routes either guided or without a guide. The most classic tour contains the interiors of the castle palace and its gorgeous rooms,

lounges with magnificent painted walls and antique furniture as well as long halls decorated with neo-gothic paintings. However, it should be noted that there are also cruise trips which you can attend from the shores of Vranov Reservoir. Such trips usually last about 3 hours or so. The castle also offers its own restaurant, gift shop and a wine-cellar of the Lichtenberg’s lords.

For hundreds of years the fortress served as a defense point of the southern border between Czech and Austria. The castle is surrounded on three sides by the Zeletavka river. The castle’s oldest building is a residential tower made of stone originating from the 3rd decade of the 13th century. The rest of the castle and buildings were rebuilt at the turn of the 14th century into a massive castle palace which marked the passage of renaissance to baroque. The castle obtained its current appearance in the 19th century, during the reign of the House of Daun.

The baron Haas was the castle’s last private owner, because of his devotion towards animals he established a magnificent zoological garden and increased the collection of stuffed dogs, creating the richest and unique exhibition of this kind in the world with 50 dogs of many breeds .

The easiest way to pay a visit to this beautiful castle is by car. You can leave your vehicle at a parking lot that is not so far away.

For more information about the South Moravian Region, from which this chateau comes click here and here.

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