Local History Museum in Olomouc

Written by Maryna Kovalova

Category: Museum

Do you think museums are dull? You might reconsider after exploring more than two million collection items and modern interactive exhibitions that will take you through the history of mankind from the earliest times to the modern era. You can do this at the Olomouc Museum of Local History, which ranks among the largest museums in the Czech Republic in terms of the size of its collection.

The core of the museum consists of thirty-six sub-collections. The holdings in the field of social and natural sciences covers not only Central Moravia, but also a wider area with an overlap abroad. The museum is located in a beautiful historical building on the Namesti Republiky in the center of Olomouc.

The historical exhibit entitled Fifteen Centuries of Olomouc tells the complete story of the region from the 6th century to our day. There are fun tasks for children and, above all, touch screens to deepen and test your knowledge. Another exhibit called Nature of the Olomouc Region is also based on interactive elements. It has even won a prestigious award in the Gloria musaealis competition, and when you visit it, you will see that this is deservedly so.

Children in particular will be delighted with the interactive elements – they will be able to catch electronic fish, listen to the sounds of birds and other animals, try out the echoes in the cave, and much more. This exhibit is followed by a new permanent didactic natural science exhibit Nature – from the Beginning without End.

The museum has thus created an entire floor dedicated to nature. This gave birth to a comprehensive complex, which presents natural phenomena and processes in an accessible and attractive way to the public, and at the same time gives an overview of minerals, rocks, and current and extinct species of plants, fungi, and animals not only from our region, but from all over the world. In a separate building, the Story of Stone, an exhibit of geology and archaeology, awaits visitors.

Give this museum a chance to surprise you and it will not disappoint!

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