Moravian-Silesian Region – Pustevny, Radegast, Stramberk, Kunin, Dolni Vitkovice, Hukvaldy

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Discover Czech Regions: Moravian-Silesian Region

Special Report: Dolni Vitkovice Complex

Czech Cities ans Towns: Town of Stramberk is picturesque little town in the center of the Stramberk Highlands, known as “Moravian Bethlehem,” was founded in 1359. The area is dominated by the ruins of the Strallenberg castle, including a cylindrical tower called Truba.

Czech Landmarks: Hukvaldy Castle. Above the village of Hukvaldy rises a castle of the same name, which provided the composer Leos Janacek with inspiration for many of his works. It is said that he liked to sit on one of the castle’s lookout points.

Discover Czech Lands: Pustevny , Radegast, Beskydy Mountains

Czech Castles & Chateaus: Kunin Chateau

Czech Destinations:  Wesselsky Watermill near Odry  and Watermill in Bartosovice

Czech Museums: Exhibition of Hats at the Novy Jicin Museum


Czech Song: This time with Ondrasek Youth Choir from Novy Jicin

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