South Moravian Region – Mikulov area

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Discover Czech Regions: Town of Mikulov located in the South Moravia Region offers perception with literally all senses. For many the reasons for a visit include history embodied in architectural monuments, and for nature lovers and people preferring active rest it is the unique natural conditions of the region. Those who appreciate good wine Mikulov offers rich viticulture tradition.

Watch this Broadcast and see the enchanting nature of the Mikulov region, enjoy the unique beauty of the local historical monuments congenially set in the landscape, together with the unrivaled taste of the local wine, get to know your own body and enjoy the freedom of movement on the ground, in the water or in the air, in short enjoy life in all its varied forms while you are there…

Czech Traditions:   Annual Folk Costume Festival in Mikulov – Krojovane Hody. The festival starts off with a folk band playing local folk music and the men and women are dressed in their local costumes. They have a parade thru the town where they do local folk dances and sing folk songs. Everyone who visits enjoys joining in the festival. Wine and other drinks are available as well as local foods.

Marian Pilgrimage. Every first Sunday in September pilgrims come to Svaty Kopecek (Holy Hill)during the traditional Marian pilgrimage. Boys and girls in costumes, children, the old and the young together climb past the fourteen stops of the oldest Calvary in the Czech Republic to join the mass by the Chapel of St. Sebastian.

Palava Wine Harvest Festival – Traditional celebrations in South Moravian wine in The Mikulov Region have roots from the last century. The festival is inextricably linked and a reminder of important historical events in the history of Mikulov. In the fall of 1403, a military unit of the Mikulov castle freed King Wenceslas IV from a Viennese prison. The celebration honors this action. Palava vintage regularly takes place the second weekend in September.

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