Hornacko Area Festivals

Written by Jan Tichy

Category: Tradition

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Hornacko is an ethnographic micro region situated in the Hodonin District, South Eastern Moravia in The Czech Republic.

Hornacke slavnosti is a four-day festival based in the village of Velka nad Velickou, a tradition founded in 1957. There is no other festival organized in the Czech Republic that shows the history, the past and the present of authentic folklore than this event. The colorful showcase of traditional folk arts takes place every year on the 22nd of July (Mary Magdalene’s Name Day). Visitors are able to see many performances with the atmosphere of the past, enjoying regional cuisine or, try handiwork skills in the traditional craft fair. The festival offers performances of folk choirs, cymbal bands and soloists from all the regions. The festival has traditions from the folk cultures around the villages, situated at the foot of White Carpathian Mountains. The continued collaboration of cultural, culinary and social, with the neighboring villages and people on the Slovakian side of the mountains. The festival takes place in an amphitheater in the local nature in Strazna hurka, as well as the evangelical church in Javorník and the center of Velka. The festival closes with a special Sunday Mass followed by a barbecue. The rich culture programs offer unforgettable memories for all attending.

The program is a mix of music, theater, art and fun. The festival is organized by passionate people, local authorities and institutions who have a great sense of the local magic. The program committee chaired by Maryna Pavlincova since 1996 is the organization responsible for this festival.

Hornacke slavnosti is a showcase of the local talent, the local arts, local traditions and attracting thousands of visitors from all over the country, who enjoy these offerings.