Czech Folk Costume from Buchlovice

Category: Tradition

The “kroj” is a typical Czech folk costume and is an essential part of Czech folk culture. A great attraction are the sleeves, which, unlike in most costumes, are neither decorated nor massive. This is characteristic of the Buchlovice costume. A distinctive collar is also a dominant feature. The difference compared to more traditional costumes is caused by the influence of the fashion of the Buchlovice estate. The vest is made of monochrome silk fabrics, lined with a silk ribbon. The skirts are sewn from fine light printed fabrics and folded into pleats. Girls wear skirts with delicate patterns of pastel colors. Older women always wore flowing skirts, in darker shades. The girls have a darker Turkish scarf on their head and wear black lace-up shoes.

For more information about the Zlin Region, from which this recipe comes, click here

In the video below You will see the process of making a costume. From the initial sewing, through decorating to preparation before dressing.



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