Bohemian and Moravian Vineyards

Written by Katerina Rodova

Category: Tradition

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There are many traditions in The Czech Republic. One of them is the grape growing in Moravia (eastern part of The Czech Republic, specific with folk costumes, traditions, etc.), but can be also found in Bohemia (the biggest part of The Czech Republic, the western part of the country). Grape-growing is not popular only with tourists from other countries, but it’s very popular with Czech citizens. They visit wine cellars “vinne sklipky” during their holidays or weekends. Czech people love alcohol, beer, wine, and homemade “spirits”. What is important to know about growing grapes?

Moravia has the longest history of growing grapes in The Czech Republic. In the 2nd-century the first vineyard “vinice” were planted by the Roman soldiers, who drank wine they brought with them as well as vines for new vineyards in Palava (protected landscape area in Moravia). But the first official mention of vineyards in Palava was between the 8th and 9th century. There are many well-known wine cellars in the Palava – Mikulov area. Every year a “vinobrani” a grape harvest festival takes place. It celebrates the ‘wine season’, when ripe grapes are picked and pressed to start the wine fermentation. It is an event filled with laughter, joy, wine, dancing, music and various Czech traditions. During the 16th century, there were three times as many vineyards than there are now. Since then the quality of Czech wine has improved for the better. In the 20th century, a law about grape-growing was created and now only verified quality grape growers can produce salable wine. There is an online database of verified Winegrowers in Bohemia and Moravia.

You can find some wine cellars in Bohemia. The Czech grape-growing in “Most”. This area is approximately 100 km to the north-west of Prague. Most area also has a wine festival every year, as people in Bohemia consider it too far to go Mikulov, so they go to Most.

There are many places you can visit if you’re interested in Bohemian-Moravian vineyards. They are located in all of South Moravia as well as the area in Bohemia. Every Czech will recommend that you visit them. The vineyards and wineries are a big part of the history, the traditions, and nationality of The Czech Republic. In some areas, the wineries provide transportation to their vineyard and wine cellars so that you are able to sample many wines that they have. Also, some tour agencies provide the same service.