5D Experience in the Slivovitz Museum

Written by Adam Vokal

Category: Special report

Slivovitz (also known as plum brandy or plum spirit) is an alcoholic beverage that has been distilled especially in Central and Eastern Europe for centuries, namely in countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, and of course, the Czech Republic. This beverage is so typical and characteristic for both Bohemia and Moravia that it can, in all seriousness, be called a national beverage and is rightly cherished by the locals as well as being a big part of the local culture (mainly traditional songs and proverbs as well as modern-day TV shows and movies). It is also heavily portrayed in Moravian traditions and customs.

The R. JELÍNEK Slivovitz Museum offers you a unique chance to discover the story of this one-of-a-kind beverage. You can look forward to compelling educational screenings, real exhibits, and an exclusive hyper-modern 5D VR experience that will educate you about everything you would like to know about Slivovitz. A new interactive exhibition will provide you with an unforgettable experience in the world of manufacturing fruit spirits, including the history of distilling and manufacturing in the town of Vizovice in the Wallachian region of Moravia.


What awaits you during your visit?

  • A 55-minute long interactive tour of the Slivovitz Museum
  • Degustation (tasting) of three R. JELINEK products and three types of Wallachian finger food


Try out the complete assortment of products of the R. JELINEK liqueur company in a stylish bar with the atmosphere of the modern-day Moravian Wallachia region.  You can purchase all the R. JELINEK fruit spirits, which are the focal point of the bar, along with many other Vizovice products such as genuine plum butter, plum tea, or dried plums in the pleasant atmosphere of the R. JELÍNEK store.

More information about the Slivovitz Museum in Prague and Slivovitz itself can be found here.

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