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Search Surnames Locations in Czech Republic

Find out more about  how a particular surname is distributed throughout Czech Republic. The results will be displayed on a map of Czech Republic and will show the distribution of that surname throughout the country.  Visit Surname Distribution Map in our menu GENEALOGY and go to GENEALOGY MAP page.


Czech Phone Book

Use Free service that allows you to search the Czech Phone Book (telefonní seznam) by name or by address.

In Phone Book you can find these Czech words – Hledat = Search, Co = What , Kde = Where, Jméno = Name , Adresa = Address.

Use correct spelling for Czech words.

For Czech phone Book website click here


Elis Island Foundation

Use Free Search to find your immigrant ancestors arriving through the Port of New York at Ellis Island

For Elis Island Foundation website click here


Czech Cities Names in German language

Use Free Wikipedia Information about Czech City or Village names translated into German language.

Immigrants before year 1918 had mostly recorded German name for the Czech city where they were born.

Also before 1918 was used for Country name – Bohemia or Moravia or Austria.  After 1918 was used Czechoslovakia. The name Czech Republic is used from 1993.

For Wikipedia webpage click here


Czech Keyboard

Change your computer keyboard settings from English to Czech if letters with diacritical marks are needed.

For Windows computer users:

1. Click START



4. Select GENERAL tab and click the DETAILS button to open the TEXT SERVICES AND INPUT LANGUAGES dialog window.

5. Click the ADD button which is a part of Installed services box. The ADD INPUT LANGUAGE dialog box with 2 drop-down menus pops up.

6. Pull down the arrow of the INPUT LANGUAGE drop-down menu and select Czech.

7. Pull down the arrow of the KEYBOARD LAYOUT/IME drop-down menu and select Czech (QWERTY)

8. Click the LANGUAGE BAR button, check SHOW THE LANGUAGE BAR ON THE DESKTOP check box and click OK. (This let’s you see the active language on the taskbar, the bar at the bottom of the screen.)

9. Click the KEY SETTINGS button to set up key sequence for switching between input languages – you can skip this step if you want to use the default setting, which is a combination of the following keys: Left Alt+Shift

10. Click OK to get back to the TEXT SERVICES AND INPUT LANGUAGES dialog window.

11. Click APPLY, then OK and one more time OK.

12. Close the CONTROL PANEL window.

13. You should see EN (or CS – depending on default) on the taskbar.

14. Try to switch between languages by clicking Left Alt+ Shift keys (unless you’ve changed the key sequence in step 9)

15. To see the layout of the keyboard:

a. Click START
b. Point at PROGRAMS
f. Click different buttons such as lock, shft, alt on the layout, and see how the layout changes.
g. You can switch between languages by using the key sequence
(Left Alt+Shift).

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