Hradek u Nechanic Chateau

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Hradek u Nechanic Chateau

Hradek u Nechanic Chateau is one of the most distinguished neo-Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic. The chateau is situated in the northeast of Bohemia in the Hradec Kralove region not far from the village Hradek u Nechanic, after which the building is named.

It is quite different from any other chateaus in the Czech Republic. It attracts people’s attention with its bright red color, which contrasts with the green parks and meadows of its surroundings. Not only the color but also the architecture makes this building unique. The most of Czech castles date back to the . This complex, however, was constructed in the 19th century and resembles a Tudor-style English palace.

Formerly, a stronghold stood in the village from the 8th century until the 16th century when it fell. The chateau replaced the stronghold almost 300 years later. The monument was designed by the British architect Edward Buckton Lamb, and it served as a representative mansion of the Harrachs noble family. The construction began in 1841. It was led by Austrian architect Karl Fisher, who adjusted the ground plan and designed the interior decoration.

The current exhibition is an illustration of the noble family’s living in the second half of the 19th century. Visitors can explore representative halls that are adorned with handcrafted decor, plenty of antiquities, and spectacular paintings. Guest rooms and regally-decorated private rooms are presented on a separate guided tour. A clock tower that looms over the chateau is also open to the public. There is a magnificent outlook from the top of the chateau tower from which people can admire the gorgeous English landscape park which surrounds the entire monument. Those interested in seeing the underground of the complex full of technological amenities from this era can book a guided tour.

For more information about the Hradec Kralove Region, from which this chateau comes, click here and here.

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