Pekelny ostrov

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by Monika Pleskotova from Czech Republic

The Gate of Hell was opened again

Last weekend was held in Holysov open air music festival „Pekelny ostrov“. City of Holysov was transformed into the absolute music rock destination, hosting audiences from all over Czech Republic.

Holysov is located in the west part of Bohemia about 30 kilometers from Pilsen. This city have good bus and train connections.

Rock fans could hear famous Czech music bands such as Tři sestry, Dymytry, Vypasana fixa, Škwor, Doga, Alkehol, Divoký Bill, Škwor, Traktor, Pipes and Pints and others. World Main star of the year 2019 was a Finnish hard rock and melodic heavy metal band – Lordi.

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Credit: Jan Zeman


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