The characters of Ancient Bohemian Legends

Written by Jakub Adam

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Praotec Cech

Praotec Cech is considered to be the Godfather of Czechia. It is believed that Praotec Cech was an old man that brought his people to the land, which was named after him – Cechy. The very first mention of him goes all the way back to the 12th century in the Chronicle of the Czechs (written by Cosmas of Prague city) where he is referenced as Boemus. He was called many names in several different chronicles – an elder, a priest, and even a duke in the Ancient Bohemian Legends. In some chronicles, there is a priest called Lech – his brother, who is supposed to be the Godfather of Poland.


Libuse was a Bohemian priest, a wife of the Bohemian ruler Premysl Orac, and one of the daughters of the Duke Krok. She was also known as a fortune-teller. She has made a prophecy of a glorious city. She has told people under which circumstances they should look for the place, where to look for it and to build a castle at that place. The place is now the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague.


Horymír was a member of lower nobility, born in Neumětely. He was sentenced to die by a priest called Kresomysl for destroying mines and some other metal-mining equipment used mainly for mining gold and silver. A horse called Semik has saved his life by jumping off a rock in the upper castle (Vysehrad). The horse did not survive the jump and is buried in Neumetely village, where to this day stands a tomb.


A mythical hero, who was supposed to have caught a wild boar by his ears, wrestled the boar onto its back and carried it to the Libusin Castle. By doing that, he was entitled to marry Kazina – sister of Libuse. Their first born child Rodislav had a boar’s head emblazoned on his shield in remembrance of his father.


He was one of the mythical seven priests and a son of the infamous Premysl and Libuse. It is believed that a painting in the rotunda in Znojmo town is a painting that symbolizes the seven priests. He also supposedly was a father of Hostivit, who was a Czech ruler and a father to the first-ever historically documented Czech monarch – Borivoj the first.

The Characters of Ancient Bohemian Legends

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