Vysocina Museum in Havlickuv Brod

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Museum of Vysocina Havlickuv Brod

The Museum of Vysocina Havlickuv Brod is a contributory organization of the Vysocina Region and is located in the upper part of Havlickuv namesti in the building of Havlickuv house No. 19. It was originally a medieval house, which was rebuilt several times and stands out with a striking corner bay with a turret. In 1832, this house was bought by the merchant Matej Havlicek, the father of the famous journalist and writer Karel Havlicek Borovsky. The museum has been located in this house since 1922, but the history of this institution dates back to 1874, so it is one of the oldest regional museums of the local history type in Bohemia.

The current museum represents the Vysocina Region and the Havlickuv Brod Region with its professional work, positive approach, and the helpfulness of all museum employees. It focuses on the professional protection and dissemination of more than twenty museum collections and subcollections related to the fine contributions of the region. There is also a professional library with more than three thousand documents (professional monographs and periodicals) available to researchers. Visitors can go through four permanent exhibitions and frequently changing short-term exhibits on various topics from history, culture, and art. The most famous and most visited is the permanent exhibition Karel Havlicek Borovsky, whose life and legacy are depicted on the first floor. The museum offers a replica of an ancient Egyptian tomb in the cellars. And it offers a tour of the monastery church of the Holy Family and the only preserved tower of the former city fortifications, now called Staflova basta. There is an exhibition dedicated to the important artist Otakar Stafl. In addition, the museum has been publishing the professional collection Havlickobrodsko since 1971 (regularly since 1989) and presents itself with varied multimedia content on its website and social networks.

The museum co-organizes or sponsors various larger events and celebrations on important anniversaries associated with the region. For all of them, we can mention the annual popular Days of Open Studios in the Vysocina Region or the current celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karel Havlicek Borovsky (1821-2021) this year.

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