Visiting Archeopark Pavlov

Written by Barbora Navratilova and students of ISS Slavkov u Brna

Category: Museum

Archeopark Pavlov is a modern exhibition showcasing one of the most significant prehistoric sites of the Era of Mammoth Hunters in the world. It lies on an archaeological excavation at the edge of the village of the same name in the South Moravian Region.

The museum is located in a protected landscape area. That is why the building is hidden underground and fits nicely into the surrounding countryside. The roof is covered with grass, and only white concrete skylight towers are visible on the surface that resemble the surrounding limestone rocks typical of the Pálava hills. The building has received many awards, including the Building of the Year 2016.

The museum itself is divided into several sections. The first part is the entrance area with a cash desk. There is also a library where you can borrow books and other materials related to this archaeological site. In the second part, there is an audio-visual corner that shows a documentary film about the history of this place. The third part is the main exhibit. It contains bone and stone tools that mammoth hunters used in their everyday lives and for hunting, a replica of the grave of three young people, statuettes of Venus, and animal sculptures. The last part of the museum is the mammoth bone dump, which is unique in that it remained in place after being uncovered.

The Archeopark offers interactive exhibits and displays that allow visitors to view research, artifacts, tools, and other things from the ancient past. The museum also hosts various workshops, programs, and other events for adults as well as families with children, where visitors can look into not only the history of this place, but also the history of our ancestors and their way of life.

Part of the Archeopark is a 2-mile-long archaeological trail with five information panels that show other world-famous archaeological sites in the vicinity of the villages of Pavlov and Dolní Věstonice. On the trail, you will see the location of the mammoth hunters’ settlement. You will visit places where the famous figurine of Dolní Věstonice Venus was found and where the mysterious Dolní Věstonice triple tomb was discovered.

Overall, it can be said that Archeopark Pavlov is a pleasant and very inspiring place to visit that allows you to look into the past.


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