Regional Museum of K. A. Polanek

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Regional Museum of K. A. Polanek in Zatec

Regional Museum of K. A. Polanek in Zatec

The history of the Zatec museum has begun to develop since the year 1896. The oldest exposition of the museum is „The Prehistory of the Central Ohre valley” which is one of the most complete exhibitions about the prehistory in Northwestern Bohemia. Visitors get to know archeological findings from the oldest Stone Age. Even a part of the Zatec silver treasury found in 1937 is there on display. Another permanent exhibition is „The Historical and Urbanist Development of the Zatec”. This exhibition shows the development of the town from the first written report of the year 1004 up to the end of the 19th century. There are many Hussite weapons, a tile with the symbols of the Hussite towns etc. Zatec is connected with hops unseparably and it is also known as the Landscape of hops. The youngest exhibition of the musem „The Cabinet of Hop Tokens” was installed in 2002. It is a collection of marks given for the raw hops. The hop tokens come from various villages in the Zatec, Louny and Podborany areas. The exhibition is constantly completed with new accessions.


The Dr. Wilhelm Kriz Residential House


The villa is located in the old town quarter called Skotnik. The first written report about this house dates back to 1769. There were many owners until 1926 but it was Josef Anderle who made the most effort to change its original architecture. The name of thevilla is closely connected with the person of JUDr. Wilem Kriz, who had the house rebuilt in the Neo-Renaissance style. He owned the building until the end of World War II., after which the town of Zatec became owner of the villa. Dr. W. Kriz Residential House offers cultural, social and educational activities for the general public all year long.


For more information about the Usti Region, from which this museum comes, click here and here.

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