Museum of Kromerizsko

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Museum of Kromerizsko

The Museum of the Kromerizsko Region has its seat in Kroměříž, but also manages the Chropyně Chateau, a set of folk buildings and a windmill in Rymice near Holešovand another windmill near Velké Těšany.

In the museum building on the Great Square in Kroměříž, you can visit year-round permanent exhibitions as well as interesting short-term exhibitions, creative workshops, programs for school children and youth, lecturesand conferences. You will certainly be interested in the extensive Memorial of Max Švabinský, a native of Kroměříž, but also in the mysterious cellar of the History exhibition hidden under the paving of the city, and the permanent exhibition of the Guardians of Time. In 2020, the Kroměříž exposition on the gears of history 1848-1948 was newly opened, which at least briefly captures the key moments that shaped the development of Kroměříž between 1848-1948.

Other buildings are open in high season i.e., from April to September. At the Chropyně Chateau, don’t miss the large collection of weapons, the still set table of King Ječmínek, or the attractive exhibits in the chateau gallery. In Rymice, you will breathe the magic of thatched cottages, look into the history of windmillingand visit a windmill. Another windmill is then near Kroměříž, by Velké Těšany. It has become a national cultural monument for its preservation and authenticity.

For more information about the Pilsen Region, from which this museum comes, click here and here.

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