Hana Folk Museum in Velka Bystrice

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The town of Velka Bystrice is located in the ethnographic region Hana in central Moravia, 5 miles from the city of Olomouc. The first written mention of Velka Bystrice dates back to 1275. This is a town with a distinctive atmosphere and a rich social life, thanks to which it has earned the nickname “the cultural resort of the region.” The Museum of Hanakian Costumes is located in an old Renaissance castle.


Hana costumes is a beautiful exposition of the costumes of the Blatnac region, the central region of Hana between Olomouc and Prostejov, named after the Blata river. The exposition was created within the Czech-Polish project “Hana in Silesia, Silesia in Hana” (2012 – 2013) and was opened on May 12, 2013. The costume parts are partly borrowed from the collections of the Museum of Homeland History in Olomouc, partly from the depository of the Hana Folklore Ensemble Velka Bystrice, and from private owners.

In the museum you can look forward to such showpieces as:

Showcase No. 1
Bachelor’s Costume (ca. 2nd half of the 19th century). Embroidered shirt, waistcoat, and trousers. Leather belt. Leather boots. Velvet cap. Scarf decorated with hole lace.

Showcase No. 2
Pantlek, ceremonial headdress for a bride (cardboard base with sewn-in beads, mirrors, and ribbons)

Showcase No. 3
Festive maiden costume from the first half of the 20th century, after the painter Josef Manes. Shirt with black embroidery. Oplechi, lace-up shirt with embroidery. Embroidered vest (cordulka) decorated with woven bow (paterka) and golden guimpe. Pleated white holiday skirt with bobbin lace. Apron with yellow embroidery and woven decorative bow. Krejzl, collar with bobbin lace. Knitted stockings. Embroidered shoes with typical heart. Red “Turkish” scarf. Handkerchief with yellow embroidery.

Showcase No. 4

Hana wedding cake. Skewers with dove-shaped dough stuck into a bread oven.

Symbolism: bread = abundance, dove = symbol of family happiness and peace, white = purity, innocence, blue and red ribbons = man and woman, green sprigs = life.
The number of birds corresponded to the number of guests at the wedding. The cake was not eaten, and each guest received one bird on a stick to commemorate the wedding.

Showcase No. 5
Facsimile of documents:
King Vladislav II’s signature granting Velka Bystrice town status and the right to use a seal, from 1502. Privileges granted by Charles Herbert of Fulstein to the Choir of Bohemian Brothers from Velke Bystrice, from 1566.

Showcase No. 6
Facsimile of a deed of bequest (estate passed to the village by someone without heirs)

Showcase No. 7
Facsimile of a historical map of Velka Bysrice and Mrskles (1777)

Showcase No. 8
Costume of an elderly husband. Shirt with black embroidery. Coat called spenzr made of black cloth with green embroidery. A collared coat embroidered blue cloth; the number of collars indicated wealth or status in the village. Embroidered belt. Hat “boat” decorated with embroidered ribbons and golden guimpe. Accessories: straw basket klebetnik, umbrella made of red “Turkish” fabric.


Showcase No. 9
Cap and scarf – linen headgear of a married woman decorated with embroidery (1st half of the 19th century).

Showcase No. 10
Costume of an elderly wife. Coat of black cloth trimmed with pale blue silk. Pleated skirt of black polished linen. Printed linen apron (19th century). Krejzl, collar with bobbin lace. Knitted stockings.

Showcase No. 11
Men’s spencer coat (19th century). Ceremonial cloak ovodnica in which a mother carried her child to church for the first time. Canvas decorated with bicolored embroidery with magical symbols for the protection of the child.

Showcase No. 12
Men’s leather pants (19th century), decorated with richly colored embroidery on the leather. Men’s belt – leather with copper buckle.

For more information about the museum click here and about Olomouc Region, from which this this folk tradition comes, click here.

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