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Holice_African Museum of Dr. Emil Holub

Holice African Museum of Dr. Emil Holub

In 2022, the African Museum of Dr. Emil Holub in Holice will commemorate four important anniversaries associated with a world-renowned personality such as this African traveler, doctor, scientist and adventurer. His hometown has never forgotten him. Dr. Emil Holub’s last great dream, to have his own African museum, was fulfilled here.

The museum’s exposition is focused primarily on the life, expeditions and work of the African traveler and his wife Ruzena. In addition to many exhibits from African expeditions, you will also see rare personal items of Mr. and Mrs. Holub. The followers of Dr. Emil Holub, who like him went to Africa, also have their place here.

The one-storey building of the museum is completely barrier-free, divided into three halls. In the first one, visitors can see a short biographical film from the workshop of Milan Steindler and there is the most precious exhibit of the museum, the lion Prince. The second hall is divided into 5 cubicles depicting the different life stages of the traveler. It also houses the museum’s largest exhibits and the cubicles of the already mentioned followers. In the last third room, an African village and scenery of the African savannah are installed. All this is observed by the visitor to the sounds of African drums, the Viennese Waltz and the sounds of the savannah.

During the tour, you can also try some of the interactive elements, there are three touch screens where you can compare your knowledge of Dr. Emil Holub’s travels or your knowledge of Africa. Next, a popular attraction in the form of mysterious cabinets in which African objects are hidden. For children there is a children’s corner or an outdoor African village.

And finally, a small curiosity…

In November and December 2016, Vojtech Hlasny made a trip to the south of Africa, which he called With “cezeta” in the footsteps of Dr. Emil Holub.

For more information about the Pardubice region, from which museum comes, click here and here.



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