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Museum Chodsko

The Museum of the Chodsko Region in Domažlice was originally founded as a museum association in 1889, mainly thanks to the activity of Bohumil Stér, a native of  Old Boleslav. As a high school professor, he devoted himself to archaeological excavations in Domažlice (he handed over the findings to the National Museum in Prague) as well as the historiography of important burgher families in Domažlice. Despite a number of interesting and significant discoveries in the field of research, the museum’s actual activities did not begin until 5 years later.

The first exhibits are stored in the newly built town hall (1893), later the gradually expanding collections were moved to the Augustinian monastery in Domažlice, so that from 1931 they were permanently anchored in the building of Domažlice Chodský Castle. While archeology and history prevailed in the very beginnings of the museum’s existence, ethnographic themes gradually gained dominance, especially based on the demand of visitors to the region. It should be noted that in the context of the time, the individual disciplines presented were appropriately distorted and idealized.

Gradually, the originally city museum became a regional museum, whose rules of operation were first precisely defined by the charter in 1955, later the museum became a district institution to become part of the regional infrastructure (culture and tourism) from 2003, and is still located in the Domažlice district.

The Museum of the Chodsko Region in Domažlice currently has two workplaces, namely the workplace in the Chodské Castle in Domažlice (Chodské náměstí 96) and in the premises of the Jindřich Jindřich Museum (Husova 61). Both buildings have operational and professional workplaces and expositions (permanent and short-term). Part of the building of the J. Jindřich Museum is also the Gallery of the Špillar Brothers – originally a separate building in the premises of the Rybanov chateau, since 1996 it is located at Msgre. B. Staška 265 (CSSA building). Since 2016, the number of buildings has been reduced for reasons of economy and the Špillar Brothers Gallery has been anchored in the premises of the J. Jindřich Museum.

For more information about the Pilsen Region, from which this museum comes, click here and here.

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