Bohemian Paradise Museum in Turnov

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Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov

The beauty and variety of precious stones, but also fun, events, and lessons – this is what the Museum of Bohemian Paradise in Turnov has to offer. The Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov is a lively, action-packed institution that will entertain and teach you.

The museum specializes in precious stones and their processing (so-called stonemasonry), which is a typical craft of the region. Here you will find a geological-mineralogical exhibition that will take you into the diverse world of minerals. In the underground Klenotnice, a luxurious historical collection of jewelry works from the collection of the Turnov School of Arts and Crafts is on display. The Turnov Museum is a living institution that actively brings history closer in an interesting way: it revives traditions and crafts by organizing craft workshops, and it provides entertainment and educational programs for children and adults.

This exceptional new permanent exhibition for all lovers of rocks and mountains is unique in the Czech Republic for its kind and size. You will not find a single flat place in the interior – it is not in the rocks either. Visitors remain alert when moving in the exhibition: with each step they must realize that the path is not straight, it is winding and often breaks. The climbing exhibition is divided into three basic parts. In the introduction, mountaineering is introduced as a phenomenon that has emerged separately from activities necessary for human life; as something people don’t have to do but want to. In the next part, visitors will find out that there are many styles and ways to achieve their goals in the rocks. And the third part forms the core of the entire exhibition, because it deals with more-than-a-century-old story of climbing in the Bohemian Paradise. The new three-story exhibition building was built on the site of the former gallery. Of the original space, only its perimeter wall remains, where a painting of exceptional dimensions, The Battle under the Rough Rock (33×28 feet), has been installed for more than 40 years. It was left in place, and not only did it become part of the exhibition, but it was also actively involved in it. The exhibition combines classic exhibition approaches with the most modern technologies. With the help of videomapping, climbers on the walls are moved and a large image of Mikoláš Aleš comes to life. Children have via ferrata or stops with climbing nodes. The content of the exhibition is complemented by a large interactive screen, which significantly expands the exhibition texts and offers additional information on the presented topic. The climbing exhibition has two basic goals, namely information and popularization. It contains a sufficient amount of information to provide a comprehensive overview

about the history of sandstone climbing and about the development of equipment or climbing techniques. In the exterior of the exhibition, you can try climbing without securing on the bouldering wall. The target visitors of the exhibition are not only climber-athletes who come to the Bohemian Paradise every year, but also the general tourist public.

If you want to embark on a journey into history and experience the authentic environment of a farmstead, you are cordially invited to Dlaskův statek in Dolánky near Turnov, which is an ethnographic exhibition of the Turnov Museum. The national cultural monument Dlaskův statek in Dolánky is a typical and rarely preserved example of the traditional folk architecture of Pojizeří. The former free homestead and bailiff’s house as built in the valley of the river Jizera in 1716. Inside there are often-changing exhibitions depicting the life of our ancestors; the whole area often comes to life during the year with folklore and craft events.

We look forward to seeing you.

For more information about the Liberec region, from which this museum comes, click here and here.

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