MOUVO – Motion Design Festival in Prague

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by Volha Tsiasliuk from Czech Republic.

Are you interested in motion graphics, art, technology, visual effects or media? Mouvo is the first Czech festival presenting motion design in all of its forms. The goal is to draw attention to one of the most progressively developing areas in graphic design in live form.
Mouvo offer names which appear at big motion design festivals such as F5 in New York or OFFF in Barcelona.
The curator and organizer is studio Oficina.

“We want to present motion design as an organized creative discipline and also dynamic and unique way of personal expression,” says Lukáš Fišárek, one of the founders.

One-day festival shows motion design in all its varied forms and offers its theory and historical context. Their best work across genres and continents introduce promising, talented authors and world-known filmmakers. Among the biggest stars of the festival is, undoubtedly, an American designer Danny Yount, the author of title sequences and graphic effects for films such as Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, Tron and Oblivion. The unique use of graphic design in TV news of the modern era is presented by a British designer Mark Porter. Distinctive handwriting of pure vector animation will offer Dutch animator Sander van Dijk, glitchy post-production effects will present Polish studio Juice. In a special section bring their work talented young authors from the Visegrad countries and theoretical lectures will focus on the themes defining motion design and the history of film title sequences.

“We wanted to create a platform for Czech community meetings and also the opportunity to gain inspiration from the world leaders in the field,” says festival producer Vlaďka Cimbálníková

Program of the festival:
10.00 Definition of Motion Design
11.30 Sander Van Dijk
14.00 Young Talents
15.00 Juice
16.00 Mark Porter
18.00 Art of the Title
19.00 Danny Yount
22.00 Ohm Square concert with an amazing light show

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