Great band Hradistan in beautiful village of Neratov

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Great band Hradistan in beautiful village of Neratov

by Tereza Padourova from Czech Republic

On Saturday June 22, 2013 there was a concert of music band Hradišťan at the Church of the Virgin Mary in Neratov located in the Eagle Mountains – Eastern Bohemia. This group refers to the Czech folk traditions, works with many personages from the world and appears in both local and foreign festivals. Cymbalist group has made more than thirty sound carriers and on several cooperates with others. The pilgrimage place Neratov is attractive by the significant church. It was built between 1723 and 1733. In 1945 the church burned down when it was hit by the Red Army´s anti-tank missile. In communist times it was decided to be demolished but fortunately it wasn’t done. Since 1992 the church is declared cultural heritage and it is working on it’s recovery. Interesting is the north-south orientation of the church. The main entrance and frontage directed to the south and chancel to the north. Thanks to this unconventional direction of church on Christmas Day the sunbeams fall right on the tabernacle at noon. For more info about Hradistan click here and about Neratov click here

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