Explore City of Brno

Brno is a young, friendly city with first-rate gastronomy and an atmosphere you cannot experience anywhere else.

Brno is not a big tourist destination, but it is a city with an authentic atmosphere, and it is surrounded by greenery.

Brno is not really about monuments, but rather about the people who make it just the way it is. You can visit the best Czech bars in Brno, get a coffee prepared by renowned baristas, and have something to eat in one of the plentiful trendy bistros cooking from local ingredients. Lovers of fine dining, good beer, and, especially, wine can find their pleasures here too, as Brno lies in the heart of South Moravia, the largest winemaking area in Czech Republic. Therefore, it is the ideal place to set out on trips to this region. By the way, 7 UNESCO monuments can be found within 65 miles of Brno.

Brno is famous not only for its gastronomy, but also for its modern architecture and its cultural scene. Thanks to its world-class buildings, the city is known as a Mecca of modern architecture. The most important is the Tugendhat Villa, the only Czech monument of modern architecture inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from the many villas and municipal houses, there are also cafés and even a tram stop in this style.

Brno boasts its membership in the UNESCO Creative Cities of Music Network thanks to numerous music festivals held throughout the year.

Besides culture, Brno is doing well in business. It is known as the Moravian Silicon Valley and is home to a number of successful start-ups, research centers, and universities. This is another reason for Brno being perceived as a young city, with about 80,000 students.

There is always something happening in Brno. Come and check it out yourself!

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