Roast Beef with Ginger

Czech name: Hovězí maso na zázvoru

Written by Karolina Smidova

This meal will sweep you off your feet with a hint of spiciness thanks to a not-so-secret ingredient, ginger. Czechs reach for ginger often, be it for teas during the flu season or to add a twist to a meal. For the best experience of this Czech meal, pair the beef with traditional Czech potato dumplings.

For more information about the Vysocina Region, from which this recipe comes, click here.


2 lb beef
8-9 garlic cloves
all-purpose flour
beef broth
white wine
butter to soften
salt to taste


Now, let’s get busy!

Wash the meat and cut it into slices. The slices should all be about the same thickness, ideally around half an inch. Once the meat is washed, peel the garlic and ginger, crushing them together with the salt to taste. Then add a drop of oil and mix it all together. Next, coat the beef with the mixture on both sides and then likewise coat it in flour. Then fry the meat on both sides in a large pan. Pour one to two cups of water into the pan, depending on how big your pan is. Braise the meat until it is soft.

Separate the sauce from the beef and boil it. Add butter to soften and salt if needed.

Czech people are known for enjoying beer with lunch, which goes simply perfectly with roast beef as well.

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