Festive Garlic Soup

Czech name: Sváteční česnečka

Written by Barbora Hajkova

North Bohemia

The fairy tale Bohemian Switzerland National Park, mountains and rock cities arn the main attractions of North Bohemia. The main tourist attraction in the Bohemian Switzerland include the Pravcice Gate or boat trips through the gorges of the Kamenice River. You will also find lookout towers and attractive lookout points on rocks and mazes and famous pilgrimage sites. You can take a cable car up to the modern television transmitter on Jested. Also set out on a trip to the source of the Elbe river and visit the waterfalls in the Krkonose Mountains

This is a local Czech recipe from the North Bohemia. Simple and healthy. These are the main benefits of garlic. Garlic (Czech ginseng) is considered a source of health and soup from it is a delicacy. It helps calm the upset stomach.

For more information about the Liberec Region and Usti Region, from which this recipe comes, click here and here.


4 cups vegetable broth
10 garlic cloves
4 potatoes
2 bay leafs
3 Allspice
4 whole cloves
ground nutmeg to taste
salt to taste
1 Tbs lard


Boil 2 bay leaves, 3 spice balls and 10 cloves on sliced chopped garlic cloves and diced potatoes in one liter or 34 ounces of vegetable broth. Add a pinch of grated nutmeg, salt and at the end 1 tablespoon lard. Cooking time is about 10 minutes or until the potatoes are soft. Serve with roasted bread.

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