Olomouc Style Fried Cheese and Bacon

Czech name: Syrečky na špeku

Written by Daniela Kokoskova

Olomoucke tvaruzky (Olomouc cheese) is a mature table cheese made from skim milk. It is named after the city of Olomouc, where it was originally sold. The first written mention of this cheese dates back to the 15th century. It has a golden-yellow color, a sticky semi-soft-to-soft consistency, a spicy flavor, and an unmistakably unique smell, caused by the degradation of cheese proteins during the ripening process, which uses no stabilizers or heat treatment. It usually comes in the form of circles, rings, or sticks. Such cheese has been produced and ripened in the Lostice cheese factory for more than 600 years. In Lostice —a town near Olomouc— there is a small museum, which first opened in 1876, about the history of Olomouc cheese. In 2016 a shop in Lostice began producing a variety of ice cream based on the cheese.

This unique Czech cheese cannot be found in the U.S., but it is very similar to Limburger cheese, which can be used in its place in recipes.

For more information about the Olomouc region, from which this recipe comes, click here.


1/4 lb smoked bacon or Canadian bacon
2 eggs
1/4 lb Olomouc cheese (or Limburger)
2 slices rye bread
salt to taste
ground black pepper to taste


Cut the bacon, bread, and cheese into cubes about 3/4 inch thick.
Fry the bacon and pieces of bread in butter.
Pour in the eggs and add the pieces of cheese.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Let it bake.

This dish can be served with cold lager or pilsner beer. Enjoy!

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