Znojmo, Podyji National Park

Znojmo is an important royal town with numerous preserved historical monuments. It is situated on the river Thaya in the South Moravian Region and it lies very close to the borders with Austria. The royal town has become the center of wine making and a destination for those interested in natural and historical sights.

The town’s core is on the list of Czech Town Monument Reserves. There is also one national cultural monument and that is the St. Catherine’s Rotunda which has preserved Romanesque frescoes from the 12th century. But the visitors of the city can enjoy much more sights. There are for example two lookout towers (Radnicni and Vlkova), medieval underground corridors, preserved fortification, many Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque houses, St. Nicholas’ Church and two-story St. Wenceslaus’ Chapel, Znojmo Castle, or St. Hippolytus settlement.

Znojmo is also the town where the headquarters of the Podyji National Park lays. Podyji NP was established back in 1991 and it is the smallest national park of the Czech Republic out of four and also the only national park located in Moravia. The total area is only 24 square miles. It extends around the Thaya River and it is an example of an exceptionally preserved river valley situated in a richly wooded landscape of South-west Moravia. The visitors can enjoy views of extraordinary sceneries formed by a diverse mosaic of rocky amphitheaters and steep walls, meanders, extensive scree fields and almost impassable gorges, alluvial meadows along the river and sunny forest-steppes with colorful carpets of heat-loving plants.

Between one of the most visited places of interests of the national park belongs for example the Cow Hill which is the home of rare flora and fauna; the Hradiste Terraces which are remains of medieval stone terraces still covered with orchards and gardens or the Hamry Folds which is a group of monumental rock walls.

For more information about the South Moravian Region where this place is located click here.

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