Zatec is located in the southwestern part of the Ústí Region on the southern edge of the Most Basin in the foothills of the Doupov Mountains. Approximately 19,000 inhabitants live here, which makes Zatec the largest city in the district. South of the city is the Dzban Nature Park. Opposite the Ohre River is the Nechranice Reservoir with the longest spillway in Central Europe.

Temple of Hops and Beer

The building of the Temple of Hops and Beer is a former warehouse with a hop dryer, which belonged to the Christl brothers. It has served its purpose for 100 years since 1890. Today, as part of a guided tour, you can walk through a labyrinth in which you will wander among the hop bales. Do you dare to enter it? Your goal is to find the treasure!

The tour continues to the coat of arms network of the Zatec hop-growing region – the region of homolupules, which is presented by approximately 300 municipalities. The coats of arms of the individual villages and the entire exhibition refer to the rich history and traditions of our region associated with the cultivation of hops for millennia.

Hop Lighthouse

Hop lighthouse is the dominant feature of the entire area of ​​hop technical monuments. You can climb the perimeter staircase to the crown of the tower. From here there is a unique view of Zatec and its surroundings. In the middle part of the tower there is an elevator with 3D projection.

Hop Astronomical Clock

The hop astronomical clock is another world unique. The hop astronomical clock portal represents an allegory of life, typical of our Zatec hop-growing region. The hour dial is framed by twelve months with a zodiac sign and a representation of the hop year. Every hour, the original mechanism of the astronomical clock sets in motion an unusual performance colored by the clock.


For more information about the Usti Region where this place is located click here.


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