The Orlicke Mountains

The Orlicke Mountains or Eagle Mountains are located in the Hradec Kralove region. Even though they are in the shadow of the Giant Mountains, Krkonose, they should not be overlooked. At the top of the Orlicke Mountains, you will come across watchtowers, a variety of chapels and most importantly, a majestic view of the Bohemian lands and the neighbour of the Czech Republic, Poland.

The highest peak of the mountain range, Velka Destna, is standing at a height of 1,115m above the sea level. The high sea level relates to the hostile climatic conditions. Velka Destna is great example of it as the average annual temperature is about 4oC or roughly 39.2oF.

Several lookout towers have already succumbed to the unfavourable climatic conditions, which provided tourists with wonderful views in all direction, for example the Rychnov region, Gory Stolowe, Kralicky Sneznik and, in favourable conditions, the Jeseniky Mountains and the Giant Mountains, Krkonose. Stefan’s lookout, which was demolished in 2010 due to its poor condition, was replaced in 2019 by a new lookout tower designed by architect Lukas Svoboda. It has the shape of an irregular pentagon; its massive steel structure is covered with larch prisms. These are supposed to resemble rain in the wind, the usual weather on the local hills. The total height of the lookout tower is 18.64 m, the observation deck is located at a height of 17.34 m. However, it is not the only lookout tower on the ridges of the Orlicke Mountains. Not far from here you can also climb the lookout tower on Anne vrch, on Feistova hill or on the Sibenik hill near Novy Hradek.

Another attraction of this highest area of the Orlicke Mountains are the remains of pre-war fortifications. On bikes and/or cross-country skis, you will pass dozens of small bunkers called ropik, several fortresses and artillery forts.

For more information about the Hradec Kralove Region where this place is located click here.

The Orlicke Mountains

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