The Jeseniky Mountains

The Jeseniky Mountains is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Czech Republic with its picturesque valleys, lovely hills, purling streams and beautiful villages. It spreads across the Moravian-Silesian Region near the Polish borders and it is the second highest mountain range in the Czech Republic with the Mount Praded (4 892 ft) being the highest point of the range.

The whole area is divided into smaller parts; The Nizky Jesenik (The Low Jesenik) and the Hruby Jesenik (The Gross Jesenik) are the main two. The Nizky Jesenik is one of the oldest geological units in Central Europe with the debris of volcanic activities. The area was lifted during the Cenozoic Era due to mountain formations. This led to the formation of the youngest volcanoes in the country. The area is also famous for the extraction of precious metals. The Hruby Jesenik is the dominant part of the Jeseniky Mountains. Thanks to the area’s natural wealth there was established protected landscape area in 1969. The PLA Jeseniky includes in total eleven nature reserves. The Jeseníky Mountains provide ideal conditions for both summer and winter holiday. There are excellent conditions for skiing from winter till the end of spring.

The Mount Praded is the highest point of the mountains as mentioned above. With 4 892 ft it is the 5th highest peak of the Czech Republic but it definitely has the roughest climate in the country. The average yearlong temperature is only 1 °C (33.8 °F). On the top of the mountain there is 481 ft high television tower and its top is the highest artificial point of the Czech Republic.

The Jeseniky Mountains also attracts lovers of history and architecture. The Sovinec Castle is the largest castle complex in the area and the main cultural center. The Velke Losiny Palace has unique and well-preserved interiors telling the stories of alleged witch inquisitions of the 17th century. People interested in these inquisitions can also visit several exhibitions about the topic located in other places of the area. The Jeseniky Mountains are full of other museums, galleries or exbitions. For example exhibition of musical instruments, hunting museum, brewery museum, paper museum and many others.

For more information about the Moravian-Silesian Region where this place is located click here.

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