The City of Hradec Kralove

The city of Hradec Kralove is capital city of the region, it is located about 162 miles away from the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Through the city flows one of the largest rivers in the Czech Republic, Elbe, along with the Orlice river which connects with Elbe and continues to the west. Hradec Kralove is also called the Salon of the Republic thanks to many famous people, mainly architects Jan Kotera and Josef Gocar who designed a plethora of majestic buildings in the city.

The Historic events of the town

The first signs of the city are dated back into the 9th and 10th century when the gothic city was built. Its sights, renaissance and baroque houses from this time period are preserved to this day. The City of Hradec Kralove was meant as dowry to Bohemian queens. Later on, it was a base of the Hussite army and for a long time it successfully repelled the armies of the emperor Sigismund 1st. In 1639, the city was sieged and, as a result, held by the Sweden army. At the beginning of 20th century began a new era of the city. A new style of buildings was designed by Jan Kotera, Josef Gocar and many other famous architects. Thanks to them the city had its first plan of urban growth, and they enriched the city by many famous buildings.

Significant buildings

The city is home to 3 universities which is the reason why city has many foreign students. Hradec Kralove is also town of culture with a long history of theatre. The Klicpera theatre and City Philharmonic offers plays and concerts for the city. The Museum of Eastern Bohemia and The Modern Art Gallery are places where you can appreciate magnificent exhibitions of all sorts. The White Tower, the monument of the city, provides a nice view of the city from above. In the summer you can take a ride on the Elbe River or go on a paddleboard, if you are not fan of water, you can visit the towns forest area where you can go cycling or roller skating.

For more information about the Hradec Kralove Region where this place is located click here.

Hradec Kralove

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