Stramberska Truba Castle

Stramberska Truba Castle located on the rocky peak of so called Zamecky kopec forms a significant prominent feature of a picturesque small town Stramberk that is situated in Moravia in a district of Novy Jicin near Koprivnice town. The castle was founded in the 13th century, the newest studies claim that it has been built by a Benesovci family- a Czech well-known aristocratic family. It has been administered by a Templar Order of Knighthood for quite a long time until its dissolution. The castle has also been held by a Czech king Jan Lucembursky and later by his son Karel IV. It started to decay eminently in the 16th century. The oldest documents and depictions of the castle coming from 1722 describe the interior as two-palace disposition with rooms served for farming and two strongholds of a prism shape. Stramberska Trupa itself is a tower of the original castle, the part of the castle tumbled down in 1783. It was reconstructed in 1903 according to the design by a famous Prague architect Kamil Hilbert and has been served as a lookout tower. Many tourists also admire a bronze memorial of Adolf Hrstka that has been designed by an academic sculptor Frantisek Juran as a tribute to Hrstka- a Stramberk mayor, respectable doctor and tireless promoter of the town. Right in the castle, there is a seat of Stramberk Castle Academy which regularly organise various events and courses for schools, not only for children or young adult students but also for elderly people. These are mainly some educational programs, courses for schools or fun and educative activities that aim to provide people basic knowledge of history of the castle and town in a captivating and game-based way. To be more specific, we can state several examples of courses that are annually held there- Study of History and Manufacture of Handmade Paper, Study of History of Castle, Study of Traditions in Valassko and the Area of Beskydy, Study of Fine Art, Study of Manufacture of Pottery or for gastronomy’s lovers there is a course which should make interested people familiar with dishes typical for this region and it is called Study of Prepare Feasts and Traditional Meals. All those above mentioned events are also one of the reasons why this place remains so frequently visited and attractive tourist attraction and why it has a reputation of one of the nicest and cosiest places in Moravia.

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