Sovinec Castle

Sovinec Castle is situated in the small town of the same name, approximately 13 kilometres far from Rymarov near the historical trail that used to provide a connection between Moravia and Silesia. The monument was founded by two brothers- Pavel and Vok from the old and respectable Moravian family Hrutovicove between the years 1329-1332. The original castle had a very simple construction but thanks to extensive and long-term reconstructions throughout the 15th century, when it was possessed by a great nobleman Jan Pnovsky from Sovinec, the appearance of it was changed into a late Gothic sight. In the time of the Thirty Year War there was a necessity to build a better and more resistant fortification in order to protect this place from possible future danger as the castle was very easily occupied by the Danish army. The Swedish army took possession of it in 1643 after the unsuccessful attempt of seizing of Brno town. It has been held by Swedish until 1650. It is also quite interesting to mention its development in the 20th century. In 1939 the Teutonic Knights was forbidden by Nazi Germany and Wehrmacht, using the castle from 1940, has made a prison camp for French commissioned officers of it. There was placed a small SS troop in the end of the war and soon after the war had ended, the castle was set on fire. The only parts of the castle which were left were the former stables and the buildings in the settlement around the castle. The great reconstruction process which began in 1951 has had an overlap up to the present time. Nowadays we can find many interesting expositions in the newly- built or reconstructed rooms of the castle. Various cultural events, particularly performances of fencing and musical or theatre programs contribute rapidly to the attendance of this lovely place.

For more information about the Moravian-Silesian Region where this place is located click here.

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