Slatinany State Chateau

A cozy aristocratic residence at the foot of the Iron Mountains can be found on the site of the original Gothic fortress from the 13th century. The chateau interiors seem to have fallen out of the time when a great horse lover, Franz Joseph of Auersperg, lived here at the beginning of the 20th century. You will be enchanted not only by the premises of the chateau, but also by the adjacent English park with a large number of trees and elegant period benches. A curiosity is the recently restored children’s farm, where princely children learned to care for animals. The chateau is a national cultural monument and has been recently renovated. During the reign of the Auersperg family, the chateau also included the area of magnificent stables for racehorses, which are now part of the National Stud Farm Kladruby. The entire area of the stud farm, along with the surrounding countryside, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2019.

This national cultural monument in Slatinany consists not only of the chateau building itself, but also of an English park with an area of 16 hectares with small architecture, which is connected to the local chateau. In the 19th century, the chateau and park were adapted in the spirit of Romanticism and served the princely house of Auersperg first as a summer residence and later as the most beloved house designed for raising children and a peaceful family life.

The first written mention of the chateau in Slatinany dates back to 1294, when only a wooden Gothic fortress stood here on a rocky promontory above the Chrudimka River. Its owner at that time was probably Frantisek of Slatinany. Then, at the end of the 16th century, the estate was bought by the Prague burgher Bohuslav Mazanec of Frymburk and he had a Renaissance chateau built on the site of the fortress, which was later rebuilt into a Baroque chateau.

Slatinany State Chateau offers a total of 6 visitor circuits. Within the first tour you will visit the manor floor with representative, social and private spaces inhabited by the family of the Princes of Auersperg. The second tour of the “whole chateau” will take you to the aristocratic interiors and to the unique premises of the castle kitchen, dish washroom and boiler room in the basement. The third special tour of the chateau will take you back in time and allow you to see places never seen before.

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