Singletrek pod Smrkem

Singtrek pod Smrkem is the first set of trails of its kind in the Czech Republic. This great system of cycle-tracks was designed by a Welsh track designer Daffyd Davis, who is considered to be an absolute master in this field. It is set in the north hillsides of Jizerske hory in the middle of splendid surrounding nature. Singltrek pod Smrkem offers the forest trails of an approximate length of 80 kilometres in four degrees of difficulty which makes this place accessible not only for proficient and experienced professionals but also for the very beginners or families with small children. The starting point of the Singltrek is situated in Nove Mesto pod Smrkem, there is a facility for the cyclists which is called Singltrek Centre, right in the middle of the plage of the natural outdoor swimming pool. It provides the cyclists with many restaurants, sandwich bars, sanitary facilities, playgrounds and also a shop with clothes and cycling facilities and accommodation. Singltrek Centre is a meeting point for the cyclists who have an opportunity to join in educational camps, some social events, competitions for children, team-building actions for companies and various groups but also a part-time jobs concerning maintenance of the trails. Proceeds from the trade activity of the Centre are usually used for financing of the cycle track maintenance. It is interesting to point out that Singltrek, as well as for example the tracks in Wales or other locations, has been created in remote and therefore not very frequently visited areas. In this case it is located near the Polish borders where there is not very good infrastructure and it belongs to the economic poorest areas in the Czech Republic. It is generally assumed that the Singltrek could capture attention of many visitors, start a tourist industry and thanks to the providing of public services improve the economic situation of this area and decrease rate of unemployment.

For more information about the Liberec Region where this place is located click here.

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