Rabi Castle Ruins

Rabi Castle Ruin is situated in the town of the same name- Rabi town, approximately 8 kilometres far from the Susice town in the Pilsen Region. In the surroundings of this former medieval fortress flows the Otava river. This monumental castle ruin is considered the largest castle in Bohemia and has been rightfully explored and admired not only by excited tourists but also important and respectable artists, whom it served as a great inspiration for their work. The castle was originally built in 1350 as a medieval guard fortress and throughout the history has been conquered several times by various important combatants of the Czech history. The fortress was initially owned by the Lords from Velhartice in the 14th century, the peaceful atmosphere of this place was violated by the Hussite army in June 1421, when it was besieged and eventually conquered. This great event was somehow significant for the Czech history because the famous Husitte leader and combatant Jan Zizka z Trocnova went completely blind as he lost sight on right eye thanks to the bloody fight with his opponent and great rival Pribik Kocovsky. An extensive reconstruction of the castle itself and its surrounding parts has been made during the 15th century and a great emphasis has been put on the reinforcement of the original fortification. The building of the castle chapel, an imposing part of the castle, was completed in 1498. However, the castle has been completely pillaged during the Thirty-Year War and destroyed by fire in the 18th century. It was partially renewed in 1920 and nowadays we can observe a great interest of this place as stated in the beginning. It is easily accessible to the public and we can find some museum in the inner reconstructed rooms of the castle. It remains an attractive destination for tourists who come to get overwhelmed by the sights and places in the Pilsen Region thanks to its impressive history and pleasant surroundings.

For more information about the Pilsen Region where this place is located click here.

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