Podorlicky Skanzen Krnovice

The Podorlicky Skanzen in the village of Krnovice is truly unique in the Hradec Kralove region as it is the only museum of its kind in the region. The Skanzen is a replica of historical village buildings or entire historical villages with accompanying programs and events. The area shown by the Podorlicky Skanzen is a village in its entirety and not comparative with any other Skanzens in the Czech Republic. The development and growth of this place are happening thanks to the work of fans and enthusiasts who give their time in the form of volunteering during their free time.

Construction of The Podorlicky Skanzen in Krnovice has its beginnings in 2002 and today it is still growing. You’ll find about 15 historical buildings and exhibitions here. Many buildings have been restored, among them a typical forge from the Trebechovice micro-region. The original surroundings were not preserved, therefore both the building and surroundings are a replica, but one that is very well made. The forge is made from bricks and inside there is a fully working exhibition which gives chance for the forger to show the how forgers worked in medieval times. Lastly, all the tools needed for the growth and expansion of the Skanzen are made here. One of the most recent buildings is a medieval windmill constructed in the 19th in the village of Librantice. This windmill was one of the last preserved windmills in the Hradec Kralove region and because of that, there are original plans and documents with photos. The last building that is worth mentioning to give you a taste of what is waiting for you is the bell tower. It is a small wooden tower from the Orlicke Mountains that in 2010 got its first bell.

Furthermore, there are many events and programs which aim to show you the way of life of the past. For example, you can visit the traditional market or enjoy a ride in a carriage. Skanzen has prepared programs not only for regular visitors but also for schools and groups of children so everybody can enjoy their stay.

For more information about the Hradec Kralove Region where this place is located click here.

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