Nove Hrady Chateau

From the history of the Czech Versailles…

Rococo Chateau Nove Hrady was built by Count Antonin Harbuval Chamare in 1774-1777 in the style of French summer residences. With some exaggeration, Nove Hrady Chateau is therefore nicknamed “Czech Versailles” for its ornamentation.

The uniqueness of the monument is enhanced by the fact that it was never rebuilt and has been preserved in its original architectural form. The present state is the result of an extensive reconstruction, which has been carried out since 1997 by the current owners, inhabiting the upper floor of the chateau, partially open to visitors.

From the present of the chateau…

On the ground floor of the building there is a large exhibition of historical furniture from the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and for larger social events, including wedding receptions, there is a former carriage house. In the front courtyard with a French Rococo garden arrangement, visitors will find a cafe with a gallery and a restaurant with fast food.

The entire chateau complex is gradually being modified, in addition to attractions such as the Cycling Museum in the Baroque Granary or the Gallery of English Hats in the new orangery, the main emphasis is on the creation of stylish gardens. Their essential part is a utility ornamental garden, An Italian one with a water cascade, rosariums, a green theatre or a labyrinth. The newly established English Flower Garden is located in the vicinity of the Stations of the Cross from 1767. Thirteen sandstone stops have been newly restored and lead the visitor to the old chateau hill with the remains of a medieval chateau. Especially small visitors will appreciate the paddocks with horses and a herd of deer in the upper part of the area.

Of the interesting facts…

It is also interesting that Nove Hrady Chateau was never rebuilt and so you can still see it today in its original “untouched” architectural form. And you should definitely not miss the maze called Green Labyrinth. Do not worry, it is not large, so you will not get lost in it. In addition, it contains a total of 4 bridges, from which you will be able to orient yourself if necessary. In the center of the maze, a surprising sculpture awaits you as a reward, which carries a warning against repeating the past.

For more information about the Pardubice Region where this place is located click here.

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