Museum of Southeast Moravia

The Museum of Southeast Moravia in the Straznice Town belongs to the largest and the most beautiful open-air museums in the Czech Republic containing sets of structures from Moravian Kopanice Region, Luhacovice Zalesi Region, and the so-called Hornacko Region: types of dwellings used in these regions, 64 examples of rural architecture, a blue-print workshop, wine cellars and press rooms with original equipment and a unique vineyard. It’s the only exposition of its kind in the Czech Republic. The concept is based on the idea of the authors to display folk architecture of individual areas of Slovacko, the name of this part of South Moravia, and therefore the museum is divided into areas representing these areas and preserves the traditional way of life which the villagers of this region led for hundreds of years. An interesting and ancient building (originally a brewery) is the entrance to the museum, which dates back to 1612 and was rebuilt in the Baroque style and is also used as a tourist centre. Besides people’s homes, the arrangements also include buildings that make special use of water and water-power, wine-making buildings and hay sheds. One essential aspect of the museum, which displays folk architecture and the ways of life in particular regions, is the unique importance given to viticulture – characteristic for this region. The exhibition of the vineyard demonstrates the history and the development of wine growing from the past until the present time. The tourist season is enriched throughout the year by several specifically themed programs for learning about traditional folk handicrafts as well as folk customs and traditions, in the way they once occurred across the calendar. The annual International Folklore Festival takes place here every June. Visitors can see displays of Maypole dancing, harvesting, herding in the mountains, etc., examples of handicraft techniques and events for children.

For more information about the South Moravian Region where this place is located click here.

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