The mountain Milesovka is  also known as the Queen of the Central Bohemian Uplands and with its 837 meters it is also the highest mountain in the Central Bohemian Uplands.

Milesovka is also proud of several other “firsts”. It is also the windiest mountain and has the most storms in our country, which is why it is often called the Thunder Mountain. The view from the mountain is considered one of the most beautiful views not only in the Czech Republic. It offers an ideal circular view, because it exceeds its surroundings by a respectable 350 m. At the top is a lookout tower, a meteorological station and a permanent workplace of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. After climbing to the top through the national nature reserve Milesovka, which is also an important European part of the NATURA 2000 system, it is possible to spend pleasant moments in the spot for tourists and refresh yourself in a mountain chalet.

In 1905, a meteorological observatory was established on Milesovka, which is now managed by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences. Their data show it to be the windiest weather station in the Czech lands – the wind blows there for all but some eight days a year, on average.

Milesovka is worth the climb. Those who, regardless of the weather, successfully conquer the mountain, which rises 836.5 metres above sea level, are rewarded with magnificent views. The celebrated scientist and traveller Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), certainly thought so – he insisted the King of Prussia come see it. He claimed the view from the top to be the third nicest view in the world.

Since the 1920s, apart from taking in stunning views, tourists have been able to refresh themselves at among the first mountain restaurants in Bohemia, near which a 19-metre-high lookout tower was later built. Hiking trails leading to the mountaintop start in the surrounding villages of Velemin, Milesov, Bilka and Cerncice.

For more information about the Usti Region where this place is located click here.


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